Monday, June 29, 2009

Is social media a Dr.'s note excusing lazy journalism?

I had planned to go to the gym today but since I'm battling with the pollen counts outside I thought it might be nice to not sneeze all over the equipment. I planned to go last week too, but I got a tetanus shot and already felt like I'd worked out.

Granted these are a lot of excuses. I could still have worked out last week, or today with a large box of tissues in tow, but when it's all said and done, I didn't feel like it.

One of the list serves I subscribe to sent out this blog post today asking if Young PR people are getting Social Media Tunnel vision.

I think that there becomes a point where instead of writing a good release, or learning the finer aspects of AP Style [or basic grammar for the matter] is too difficult and therefore a social media blast is an excuse for not doing it.

There is a fine balance between not recognizing the potential of social media and not doing the basics of brand management. If you know the basics and recognize when you should still use them, social media is a fine compliment to the entree.

The concern raises when we stop learning the basics or forget how to use them. Everything else is just an excuse.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

My appologies

Now I hope no one is reading my blog thinking that someday you are going to find a parable of wisdom that is useful to you, because lets be honest I usually write about crap. (Can you say that on the internet and not get spam filtered? O’well)

Anyways, usually it’s about what critter is hanging out in my apt parking lot or the parking lot at work, or the giant guy I found in my apt, or Texas shaped waffles.

Occasionally it’s my knitting / crocheting / yarn loving habits.

Every once in a while is my yoga addiction, which has become less since I can’t seem to find a studio in TX that doesn’t want my soul in exchange for a few enlightening hours.

And maybe if you’re lucky it’s rambling about social media, ROI, marketing, etc. And that’s really only when you’re lucky.

Which I feel might be slightly telling about my life. Hopefully not, since I’d like to believe I don’t have that much crap going on, but clearly that might be the most interesting parts