Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Irrational Fears

I have a lot of irrational fears.

For instance every night I lock both dead bolts, check the window locks, lock the balcony door, check under my bed and in the closet and then lock my bedroom door. By the time I go to bed this place is Fort Knox. If it wasn't a a thousand pounds to move I'd probably put my dresser in from of the door.

If I really think about it I see how irrational my whole plan is. By the time I check under the bed, if something/someone is in the house, they are now locked in with me. I have very little furniture and spend most of my time in my living room. I would have seen them come in. Plus what would I do if I found someone?

Needless to say I know its irrational, but it makes me feel better.

Not nearly as irrational as being afraid of being attacked by an Ocelot.


Don't get caught up in his pretty little eyes and fuzzy face. I saw one of these in a public park on Sunday and proceeded to warn everyone I saw about the Mountain Lion. Apparently some people keep them as pets but I had a dream the other night that that precious lil kitty ripped off the hands of a child and the firefighter told the kid there were lots of things he could do without hands, like swimming.

I never said I didn't have an overactive imagination.

New Blog!

New city, new job, new blog, woooo!

Here is my new blog for all those who care to read. I have no claim to any expertise, so if you want to read you'll hear all about yoga, crocheting, theatre, volunteering, cooking, Texas, how I really want a dog, and any other stories along the way.

Mostly ramblings, but it's all good fun.

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