Monday, November 23, 2009

Mobius or not to Mobius

I keep having this debate about whether or not I like the whole Mobius scarf thing that's going on right now. I'm pretty certain that if I had one I wouldn't understand how to wear it.

Conceptually is a big piece of material that goes around and around and is attached so it has all this so called versatility.

Wear it as a cowl, wear it as a hat, wear it as a scarf, wear it as a wrap, wear it as a shrug. Doesn't that seem like an awful lot of expectations for a scarf? Plus it sounds like something the late great Bill Mays would sell.

"It keeps you warm, it's fashionable and it slices AND dices. For only 6 easy installments of 29.99 we'll even throw in a matching mitten set. What a DEAL"

The sick thing is even though I don't understand them, and I think they are kinda ugly, I still want to knit one. I blame the advertising.

[Image borrowed from ravelry's denicol, beautiful work!]

Monday, November 16, 2009

Hugs and Kisses - Rav Download Live

After nearly two months of trying to understand how get hooked up as a designer on Ravelry here it is, my debut as a digitally published designer. You can visit Ravelry to download now.

Here is my finished product, with many thanks to patterwhisper for taking the pictures.

It takes about a half a skein of Spa but as you can see from my pattern testers it is a great project for stash busting.

You need basic crochet skills (single & double).

Please feel free to share your feedback in the comments!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

I love you Grandma

I just finished reading the Friday Night Knitting Club and found myself in tears for the second time today. [The first was a church when the choir sang amazing grace.] It’s a beautifully poetic story, with great bits that any knitter can identify with, while telling the humanizing tale of Georgia Walker, single-mother and business woman.

What got me started crying wasn’t the content of the story, although it did provoke it. It was thinking about the joy in reading and crafting that my Grandmother instilled in me from such a young age.

So many late nights I remember staying up with her, kitty-corner on the old brown couch reading and eating Oreo’s. I’m certain I was up much later than an 8 year-old should have been but it didn’t matter. I’d have whatever book she’d found for me at the library and she was usually reading a thick mass market paperback, although for the life of me I can’t seem to remember what genre she favored. Often when I put a book down late at night I think about how much I miss her.

It’s like fresh salt in a wound.

I always thought it’d get easier, as time passes but it hasn’t. It’s been over ten years and sometimes something will hit a cord that brings it all open again.

I know she loves me and is proud of me. I just wish I could close my book and see her smiling back at me, reminding me gently, that maybe, it’s time for bed.