Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Amish and other assorted friendship

Last night I attended the Pioneer Woman book signing at Borders. It was insane and wonderful and exhausting all at the same time. I was exhausted after having only attended so I can only imagine how she must feel after an entire tour of smiling, signing, chatting and taking pictures.

I spent 6+ hours in Borders, made an assortment of new acquaintances, knitted an entire hat, ran into an old acquaintance, and traded off some Amish friendship goo to someone would is, lucky for her, friend enough to get some goo in a bag.

When I finally did get up to the table to have my book signed I was hoping to have something profound to say [I seem to always be hunting for that profound moment] but alas I was much too tired to come up with something worth remembering.

As for the goo....

If you've never made Amish Friendship Bread you probably have no clue of what I'm talking about and since I have no camera at the moment I am without the ability to show you.

Amish Friendship is a sweet bread that you cook after 9 days of starter bag mushing and share with 3 friends. EVERY 10 DAYS. After last night I am officially out of actual friends in Texas to give this to. Trust me, you'll have bread for months if you keep the process going.

There is a point of this goo story somewhere I promise.

As I handed off the gallon ziplock of bread goo someone else, a total stranger, walked by and raved about how she just cooked her bread and how amazing it was. I would bet money that somehow her bread is connected with my bread.

It's a six degrees of Kevin Bacon moment. I should have taken advantage of the opportunity to interrogate the woman and find the connection but I was working on coming up with something profound.

I may not have something profound but I do have one knitted hat and a cookbook full of amazing recipes. I vote evening well spent.

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  1. My friend, Jen, was just telling me about Amish Friendship Bread the other day. I was telling her how I wanted to try baking my own loaf of bread soon (I bake everything else, why not bread?) and she began explaining the Amish Friendship. It sounded a bit wierd at first, but she raved about how great it is. She said she was going to try to get ahold of some to share with me. I'm looking forward to it.